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At Bethesda, our focus has been spreading the Word heartily in our services, financially supporting foreign and domestic missionaries, and supporting our community with our pastor-led Alcoholic's Anonymous program. If you'd like to know more about our ministries and programs, check our Calendar of Events for upcoming registrations and classes, visit Programs page, or contact us today for more information. 


Meet Dr. Leigh and Charlotte Upchurch, our church pastor and his wife, who have been married 54 years!  Dr. Upchurch served as  Chairman of the Department of International Ministries at Davis College in Johnson City, NY for 15 years, so his teaching style is reminiscent of classroom learning. While many churches today are geared toward emotionally pumping you up for the coming week, Dr. Upchurch's teachings are geared toward arming you with an understanding of who God is via the Bible, why we believe what we believe, and preparing for life as it hits us from every direction. Read more about Dr. and Mrs. Upchurch's background and family here.


Discover our beliefs about who God is, where we came from, and how we should function and behave as individuals and as a church. From our Beliefs Summary, to our Doctrinal Statement, you'll have a comprehensive understanding of who we are, what to expect from us, and whether we're a good fit for you.